C6 Spray-graded tool steels

Adaption of graded tool materials for micro cold forming by spray forming

Tools for micro cold forming, e.g. for micro-swaging and micro-deep drawing, must be adapted to tribological requirements, need to be micro-machinable and resistant to fatigue and fracture in specific regions. These properties can be optimally achieved only by the combination of different materials in the tools, and in the region of the transition between the different materials critical stress must be avoided. To achieve this, tool materials were developed using a co-spray forming process with two melts of different alloyed steels, with a gradient between two adapted alloys for tool body and micro-structurable and tribological surface, respectively. This allowed providing SFB747 with tools which are not available yet.

Project term: 2011-2017


Principal Investigator:
Dr.-Ing. Alwin Schulz