Welcome to Collaborative Research Center 747

Micro Cold Forming – Processes, Characterization, Optimization

The Collaborative Research Center „micro cold forming“ (German: Sonderforschungsbereich 747 “Mikrokaltumformen”, short SFB 747) was a 12 year, long time basic research project financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). It was located at University of Bremen from 2007 until 2018. Central concern of the Collaborative Research Center was the provision of methods and processes for a systematic design of reliable micro cold forming processes with focus on its implementation in industrial applications of metallic micro components smaller than 1 mm, produced with lot sizes greater than one million pieces. An effective treatment of technical issues of micro metal forming requires an accurate consideration of basic material properties, their modifications owing to controlled process impacts, the resulting component properties and process design. Approximately 50 scientists from the disciplines of engineering, physics, material science and mathematics rose to these challenges in the expertise areas micro forming processes, tools, materials, properties and process design. During its activities the Research Center was attended by a network of industry partners.

Head of the Collaborative Research Center was Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Vollertsen, Vice-Head was Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Maaß.